Tina Wang - Tina Wang

Winner of the The Aimee Kestenberg Signature Satchel


2018 Finalist Tina Wang Tina Wang


Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
i do not sell any of my work current but I would love to start my own line

What is your personal aesthetic?
clean and minimalist

What are your current strengths & weaknesses as a designer?
I would say my strength is being able to capture zeigeist and translate into designs that is relevant to both sales and function

Why did you decide on this design?
I wanted to stay true to the integrity of the Tamitha backpack, which emphasized a soft silhouette and a bold zipper.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
Glazed pebble leather gives this bag a casual yet polished look

What can you contribute to the Aimee Kestenberg brand?
I can take the Aimee Kesternberg DNA and translate into designs that is both functional and fashionable

Bag description
Tamitha Satchel, glazed pebble, $400

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