Jennifer Hamley - Jennifer Hamley

Winner of the The Pure and Natural Yoga Bag Inspired by TAJA Coconut

Great Britain

2018 Finalist Jennifer Hamley Jennifer Hamley


What makes the yoga bag you have designed unique?
I did a little research into the most common things that are carried in a yoga bag, and most people said that their current bags fit little more than their mat and a wallet, and that they would prefer something more roomy, and that could be used for other activities. With the inspiration of the beautiful shape of a young green coconut, the design came to life!

How was this yoga bag design inspired by TAJA Coconut?
I spent 10 months of last year in Bali and fell in love with coconut water, I love how much liquid a young coconut holds, and this inspired the design (huge volume!) I can't wait to try Taja - a taste of tropical islands.

Do you drink coconut water or coconut beverages? If so, which ones?
I do. I love them fresh, so I'm looking forward to trying Taja! It sounds like it will taste as fresh as can be.

Do you think there is a connection between yoga and coconut water? Did this influence your design?
The connection to nature and health ties them together beautifully. I hope my design brings together the same, nature with sustainable, organic cotton and cork materials, the natural coconut shape, and the organisation for a yogi to get their mind off busyness and into a zen state!

What is your personal aesthetic?
Bold shapes and colours.

Bag Description
Jennifer Hamley England, 'Bali Coconut', Bucket bag backpack, Cork, $190

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