Jamie Bolton-Debbage & Lucy Housmann - Wilby Clutch

Winner of the The Basic Adhesives Best Green Handbag

Great Britain

2017 Finalist Jamie Bolton-Debbage & Lucy Housmann Wilby Clutch

Jamie Bolton-Debbage & Lucy Housmann FINALIST'S PROFILE

What is your bag made out of?
Our bag is made from 100% cork from Portugal whereby the bark is scraped from the tree and regenerates. It is a new type of rigid cork that has hardly any treatment. We use vegan glue to bind the bag.

Where do you source your materials?
This cork is from Portugal but it is Made in the UK, sweatshop free.

What is your design inspiration & why is working with green/eco friendly products important to you?
We knew when we started that the ethos would be to create a vegan bag range that has sustainability as a focal point. This is important to us because we believe the world needs to change its paradigms on what materials and food are acceptable to eat in the 21st century. Many talk of the agriculture market but fail to recognise that the leather market is just as unacceptable. We even plant trees for certain ranges where possible.

Have you heard of Basic Adhesives?
Yes, we know that it is a major seller of eco friendly and water based adhesives. The company has been going for decades and has a great reputation.

Would you be interested in learning more about eco-friendly glue and edge paint?
We certainly would. We are always looking for eco friendly glue and vegan adhesives.

Bag Description
The Bailey saddle bag is a black vegan saddle bag is made from thick cork leather and vegan binding. It is a highly sustainable product and a sleek design suitable for all occasions. Worn by celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone. 100 dollars Length: 19cm Width: 24cm

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