Elena Longhi - Ninael

Winner of the The UBM Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design


2017 Finalist Elena Longhi Ninael


What was your inspiration for this bag?
The VBackpack draws inspiration from the freedom and the atmosphere of the Seventies; it's a pure tribute to all those hippie chic, glam rock and punk embodied by true icons who changed fashion forever. This style fully embraces the spirit of the decade radical movements, from feminists to civil rights, the same spirit which even today is so urgent and contemporary.

What are the retail price-points of your line?
$300 to $650

Do you change your silhouettes and materials every season?
Most of my styles are all-year-round what I do change are leathers (calf/suede) and color palette. I am currently presenting the Spring Summer '18.

What other handbag designers have inspired you?
I have always been looking to Celine and Chloe, so different from each other but both so inspiring to me.

What makes your line innovative and worth of overall?
The uniqueness of the VBackpack lays in the combination of a well-defined shape and the signature brass fringes which mark every movement of the NINAEL girl with a strongly sexy allure.

Bag Description
Ninael Handbags, VBackpack Style, Suede and Hand-sewed Brass Fringes, Purple canvas Lining, smartphone and zipped internal pockets, retail price $590.

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