Alyssa Fishenden - AlyssaChantal

Finalist of the The Perfect Everyday Work Tote Bag by Aimee Kestenberg

United States

2017 Finalist Alyssa Fishenden AlyssaChantal


Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
My inspiration for this sketch is the Jack and Isaac Bay beaches on the very east end of the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I recently visited some family in St. Croix and they took us to Jack and Isaac Bay which has the most breathtaking views and is only accessible by foot. You hike down a large hill covered in cacti as the warm sun beats down on your skin and the clear blue water sparkles in the distance. The tote bag is perfect for not only carrying your belongings to the beach, but for everyday use. The design has wave tucks by each side of the purse which are meant to add a visual and textural interest. Not to mention, it is a nice way of carrying the ocean waves with you, everywhere you go.

What is your personal aesthetic?
I chose 100% cotton duck canvas in Caribbean sea blue because it is durable and the color is reminiscent of the ocean. The silver studs are used as a nice accent to the bright blue ground of the tote.

What are your current strengths & weaknesses as a designer?
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and I also have an Associate of Arts Degree from Mount Wachusett Community College.

What is your dream job?
I design small pieces such as clutches and backpacks for myself, but haven't displayed them publicly. However, Aimee Kestenberg would be a brand that I could relate to. Her pieces are luxurious, casual, cool and affordable which are what I would want for a handbag collection on the market.

What materials do you work with?
I tend to work with canvas, denim, faux leather and marine vinyl.

What can you contribute to the Aimee Kestenberg brand?
I can offer a cool, casual perspective that draws upon my love for abstract art, architecture and bold colors. I know what it's like to be constantly on the move and wanting my accessories to not only be affordable, but durable and stylish.

Bag description
AlyssaChantal Bags, 'Cambridge' Style, Tote, Caribbean sea blue duck canvas, $95

Bag description

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