The 2016 Handbag Awards Judge Nancy Forman

Nancy Forman
Nancy Forman

The Accessory Think Tank is a consulting firm owned and operated by former Bloomingdale's Senior Executive Nancy Forman. TATT optimizes the operations, assortments, and market procurements for clients ranging from emerging to eminent through constant research and development for the best practices in the industry. The Accessory Think Tank offers an array of carefully designed and expertly delivered one-on-one consulting programs. Specializing in product development, trend forecasting, merchandising, business planning, branding, marketing and sales strategy, sourcing, retail and wholesale analysis, and social media strategy, Ms. Forman and the TATT team work to accelerate their clients' brand recognition and level of relationships within the market. The brands become part of the TATT family. These one-on-one consultations with Ms. Forman and her team are booked and billed on an hourly basis, for as-needed, monthly and annual basis . TATT provides support, guidance, and inspiration. TATT is located in NYC, the heart of the fashion industry, however TATT's client base is international working with brands throughout the US and the world including Israel, Paris, Italy, India , Poland, The Philippines, South America and more The Accessory Think Tank helps handbag , jewelry shoe and accessory designers reach their full potential. Whether they are now on the shelves of your favorite Madison Avenue stores or winning The Best Overall Handbag Designer Award, TATT clients reflect a unique growing niche in the market place recognized as the best of the best.