Zhe Liu - Zhe

Winner of the The MARY KAY® Wear with Confidence Bag

People's Republic Of China

2016 Finalist Zhe Liu Zhe


What is your inspiration for this sketch?
Mary Kay is a really attractive brand for me. It always creates a modern and fashion feeling. The designers in Mary Kay, they get the inspiration from New York; and merge them in to their products. The geometric eye shadows appeal my eyes every time. So I want to use those eye shadows as my inspiration for my handbag design.

How does this bag make women feel beautiful, confident and connected?
I use the geometrical shape as the basic pattern for my bag. As we all know the geometry element is always in trend. Mary Kay want to let their customers feel beautiful, confident and elegant, they must have well-ordered lives. Not only the how pretty the bag is I am concerning, but also the functions. This bag make by two parts; a tote bag and a small make up case attached to it. After working, women can use take off the makeup bag; and treat it as a clutch to go to the party or go to somewhere they don't need to carry all the stuffs in their bag.

How did you blend functionality and style into the design?
I make the makeup case as the same shape as the the triangle on the tote bag. That makes the flat geometrical patterns more 3 dimensional feeling. For most tote bag, they only have a simple small coin bag inside, but for this bag, it has a well-structured makeup case as a part of the pattern of the tote bag. In the makeup case, I set it to two sections, one is for all the brush, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil; another one is a transparent bag on the bottom for all the blush or foundation. Everything will be set tidy and clean which all the Mary Kay women want to.

What is your design background?
I was learning painting from 5 years old. With the time I grow up, I am learning a lot about art. After I came to University I start to student Graphic Design for 4 years. And than I found I have strong passion in Accessory design. So,I changed my major to it for my master degree. Now I am studying accessory design MFA in SCAD.

What are your words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs following their dreams?
Following your heart and pay all the efforts to it; after several years you must have thing you can pride of.

Bag Description
Zhe Bag, Geometric Shape, Tote , multiple color cowhide/ metal handle, $125

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