Michelle Lowe-Holder - MICHELLE LOWE-HOLDER

Finalist of the The Basic Adhesives Best Green Handbag

Great Britain

2016 Finalist Michelle Lowe-Holder MICHELLE LOWE-HOLDER

Michelle Lowe-Holder FINALIST'S PROFILE

What is your bag made out of?
Wood / sustainable perspex / veggie leather

Where do you source your materials?
I use cut offs and end of line - so I buy from everywhere - form markets to eco fabric makers - My USP is unusual

What is your design inspiration & why is working with green/eco friendly products important to you?
It is essential we all do what we can in every part of our life to support sustainable lifestyles and products - In 2010 I was mentored by LCF / Centre for Sustainability in London to turn my business into a more green friendly product - Each season with its individual DNA - I try to design long lasting enduring design capturing some aspect of the eco movement.

Have you heard of Basic Adhesives?
No - not until now!

Would you be interested in learning more about eco-friendly glue and edge paint?
Absolutely - sounds amazing and would be interesting to experiment with

Bag Description
MICHELLE LOWE-HOLDER - wood feather clutch / wood , sustainable perspex, veggie leather with cork interior $800.00

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