Eszter Marton - GION

Finalist of the The BERNINA Best Handmade Handbag


2016 Finalist Eszter Marton GION


How are your bags made?
All our bags are 100% handmade, given expert attention to detail, using a sewing machine, and at some parts hand-sewn only (at our Jane handbag almost at each part, at the others, mostly the handle).

What is the primary material used?
The GION bags are produced in our workshop, located in Budapest, Hungary. The design of the models are created by the founder, or - in the past few years - with his daughter. The modeling is done only by the founder, while at the producing each piece is made by the founder or under his control, by his three colleagues.

Do you make all of your own bags? If not, please explain who helps you make your bags.
The founder's goal was - and still is - that the products I make be durable and stylish so the wearer regardless to the fashion trends is able to carry my bags at any time. In behalf of this he looks for clear-out forms of the fashion, ignoring the excesses. The result is the compromise of the usability and design. The daughter inherited this vision, and applied her instincts, and daily experiences in urban usage in the creation process.

What is your design inspiration?
The main machine is an ADLER sewing machine - it's in the workshop since decades, more than 3 already - , while rarely a SINGER is used also.

What sewing machine do you use to make your bags? How long have you had it?
Yes, we are regularly using an ADLER industrial sewing machine, and also sewn by hand with leather.

Have you ever sewn with or used an industrial sewing machine? If not, how do you sew with leather?
GION, 'Jasmin' style, Top Handle Bag, black-red-white crossprint calf leather, $229 USD

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