Virginia Marisela Guajardo - MARS Guajardo

Finalist of the The SUJA Cold-Press Mini Bag


2020 Finalist Virginia Marisela Guajardo MARS Guajardo

Virginia Marisela Guajardo FINALIST'S PROFILE

What makes the coin purse you have designed unique?
I am Mexican, I studied to be a bag designer. As such I am aware of new and ingenious materials to make bags. I wanted to develop the perfect fusion between colours and truly sustainable materials from nature.This bag is inspired by the Cactus, you may wonder why? The answer is simple, Mexican colleagues developed "Vegan Skin" from Cactus, they have colors in line and are open to the development of colors so we can generate a line of vegan products with lots of colors and variations. For example, Suja bottle holders made from vegan cactus skin.I consider this a great opportunity for Suja as is writen "We're constantly in search of the most interesting, delicious, nutritious plants we can find"

How was this coin purse design inspired by SUJA?
I was inspired by the plants that provide a unique glow, the feeling of warmth and beauty that they have

Do you drink pressed juices? If so, which ones?
if i love to drink natural juices, like papaya with alfalfa, papaya with banana, nopal and pineapple, and some infusions like ginger, lemon and chia seeds, i am flexible and love to try new flavors

What is your personal aesthetic?
It is difficult to judge oneself, but I can say that my friends tell me that when they think that some accessory is impossible to combine, I am the only person they go to and ask or they give it to me as a gift so that I can use it properly.I have unique and un-combinable garments and accessories that I could say, I have the ability to make them aesthetically beautiful when worn.

Bag description
Mars Guajardo, "Jolly Bag" Material: Cactus Vegan Leather , Price: TBD

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