Siyi Li - Mr.Soliloquy

Finalist of the The Danielle Nicole Best Student Made Handbag

People's Republic Of China

2020 Finalist Siyi Li Mr.Soliloquy


School of Attendance
Fashion Institute of Technology

What is your major?
Accessories Design

What inspires you? Are there Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration?
Geometric patterns from mathmatics, and zipper closure from puffer jackets.

Are your bags already in production? Where are they manufactured and how many have you sold to date?
They are not in mass production, but I intend to make them as a whole collection.

What kind of technology do you use to create your bag?
Illustrator for pattern making, fully handstitching (saddle stitching), mock up using bonded leather, rhino CAD for inner top handle stay.

Bag Description
Brand & IG: Mr. Soliloquy Style: Envelope handbag/crossbody bag.Material: Epsom leather in light grey from HASS, Box leather in medium blue from BCN, zipper, and hardware from private sales, Tylan nylon stay, stainless steel handle top stay, Ultrasuede in navy for lining, and a black sheepskin pocket. Retail price is not available since the suppliers ae from top-end factories and this bag is meant for Haute Couture.

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