Sheri Scott-De Leon and Martine de Leeuw - Notadaydream

Finalist of the The Global Goods Partners Magazine Most Socially Responsible Handbag

The Netherlands

2020 Finalist Sheri Scott-De Leon  and Martine de Leeuw Notadaydream

Sheri Scott-De Leon and Martine de Leeuw FINALIST'S PROFILE

What country are your bags manufactured?

Please explain how your bags are socially responsible?
Notadaydream Bags are socially responsible because :1/ They empower women that live in the largest slum and the most impoverished area in the Philippines: Tondo - by providing them with a consequential job as a Bag maker or Seamstress. Our bags allow these women to generate a sustainable and profitable income that enables them to both provide for their families and an education for their children. Through a direct collaboration with the women and supporting them as the aspirational entrepreneurs they are - we can make a sustainable change and realise dreams. 2/ They preserve the cultural heritage of the Philippines by using local fabrics and textiles from the Northern part of Luzon. Through direct contact with the weavers we ensure we only buy from sources with the right environment and safety measures in place. 3/ We are a social enterprise. After all the costs of materials, logistics, taxes , retail margins and overhead ; all we receive goes directly to the women in the form of salary and foundation support..

Do you work with local/native artisans to design your bags?
Yes, we collaborate with our team of bag makers on our designs. At first, we had the idea for our beach bag. As a family living in this country with so many world class beaches we were missing this kind of practical, yet still beautiful bag. Now, three years later, we have a range of five different bags, which we co-designed with our team of women entrepreneurs. We combine the best of our different skills and worlds, but we are common in our dedication and love for handmade products. We design all our bags using handwoven textiles from the Philippines and in turn support the local women-led weaving communities throughout the country. Our bag designs are inspired by all the colours of the Philippine Islands and by blending these unique fabrics with modern colours; the Notadaydream bags provide a beautiful, sustainable one of a kind bag. For technical support and expertise we partner with another social enterprise that empowers our women artisans to help professionalize their Bag making and sewing skills with continuous training and support.

Working Conditions. Are the manufacturers/artisans that are being employed being treated humanely, of age, and working in safe and acceptable conditions? Please explain.
All our women Bag makers and Seamstresses work out of the foundation centre. At the foundation they all have their very own dedicated work space for bag making and sewing that includes all the necessary tools they need. Their workspace there is a completely safe place for the women to come with their children every day for schooling. At the centre they can receive food and all important services they need for themselves and their children. (social worker, health and dental care) We visit the workplace every two weeks to meet with the women and to ensure the safety and working conditions.

Why did you choose this country to have your bags made and what made you decide to give back? How have your bags impacted this community?
We live in the Philippines, and it was during a visit to Tondo, (the largest slum in Manila) that we were most impacted by what we saw and of what we learned. Most of the 70 000 inhabitants live in the poorest conditions with little sanitation or safe drinking water and children often do not attend school as they are needed to collect trash to generate an income. We realised then we had to do something.We are a team of women at Notadaydream and our mission : Empowered women empower women; and that is exactly what we set out to do with the Notadaydream Bags. We chose to give back by applying our expertise of market needs and commercialisation skills and by supporting the existing livelihood programs that were in place but were struggling due to this lack of knowledge. We were able to provide these women with an opportunity to professionalize their Bag making skills and generate a profitable income, and most importantly , empower them with a life changing job.

Bag Description
Notadaydream , The Boracay, Beach Tote, 100% Cotton, Water repellant inner, $70USD

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