Marija Curic - Curic and Curic

Finalist of the The K. Carroll Accessories Best Green Handbag


2020 Finalist Marija Curic Curic and Curic


What is your bag made out of?
My bag is made out of repurposed denim (cotton). These pieces were meant to be garbage and waste.I have picked three different denim washes that used to be jeans. I had to cut many strips out of each wash that were braided separately and sewn together.The whole bag was made by hand and no machine and electricity was used.I have used cardboard-base lining to achieve shape firmness and minimum of eco friendly glue.

From where do you source your materials?
I have worked as denim designer-bottoms. While being a designer at the company, I have noticed a big waste of submitted samples to be approved for production that had flaws. I got to keep samples that were thrown out as waste from different denim companies. I was allowed to collect waisted denim scraps/destroyed samples.

What is your design inspiration & why is working with green/eco friendly products important to you? Are there Instagram accounts you find inspiring?
During my study at Parsons, I learned so much in textile class about waste in the fashion industry. I was so struck by the information that the fashion industry is the one of the top industries that pollute the world.After finishing my study, I continued with my research. I sourced articles about fashion industry waste, and that gave me a goal to approach design from a different stand point.My first paid job out of school was with an eco friendly denim company that repurposed denim.My journey continued when I opened a small denim company with my twin sister where we make old vintage denim pieces to make them look new again with hand painted unique designs.My journey is just beginning. I think there is so much more to do and everyday I discover new ways to minimize the waste.Personally, I follow a lot of inspiring accounts but I find inspiration in art and every day life more than on Instagram.

Bag Description
Curic and Curic, style name: Blue Dahlia, silhouette: medium round bag with handles. Material: denim. Price: $355US

Bag Description

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