Maria Duque - Marigaby Designs

Winner of the The SUJA Cold-Press Mini Bag


2020 Finalist Maria Duque Marigaby Designs


What makes the coin purse you have designed unique?
This mini bag is so special and unique since it's made with leftovers from vegan leather that we use, a bracelet that was rescued from our closet and various colored recycled threads for the handmade embroidery, which turns everything into a sustainable material's beautiful piece. It has the perfect beach/boho vibe that go with everything without leaving behind that sense of love for the organic and natural that simply captivates all of us. And staying with you from the beach to your most fun nightouts, wearing it as a crossbody with its chain, on your waist with the complementary strap or with any you already have; or simply on your wrist with the incorporated bracelet. It's definitely deserving of our love, don't you think?

How was this coin purse design inspired by SUJA?
I loved the inspiration that came from Suja brand. The beautiful sunset colors of the San Diego beaches along with the most vivid colors of all the fruits and vegetables used in their juices were the attention to the details that highlight the most, represented in the subtle but striking embroidered pattern. While nothing represents better the love for organic and plants such as that 'forest/olive' green color used as the background for the entire bag; and finally, the touch of wood in the bracelet that completes all the perception of our mother nature.

Do you drink pressed juices? If so, which ones?
I do not have the opportunity to drink pressed-juices, it is not something that is marketed in my country. However, I would love to; I make my own healthy juices at home everyday.

What is your personal aesthetic?
I like to be guided by a minimalist style, with lovely details thats makes it unique but still versatile. Color palette and combinations that can remain over the years and go with everything, without leaving aside trends and modern styles. I also really love the path of creating and contribute to a more sustentable life.

Bag description
Marigaby Designs, 'Emma' Minibag , Mini-Beltbag-Crossbody, Vegan faux leather leftovers and recycled embroidery threads, $80

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