Kok Hui Michael Lee - MIC & BEN

Finalist of the The Mr. Bag by American Leather Co.


2020 Finalist Kok Hui Michael Lee MIC & BEN


Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
Yes, I have a small brand name MIC & BEN, an e-commerce platform only fashion accessories brand based in Malaysia.

What is your personal aesthetic and does it influence your design?
Minimalist with FUNctional and practical. Clean line from exterior to interior.

Why did you decide on this design? What makes this a men's bag influenced by the American Leather Co.'s aesthetic?
The city of the US is everyone's dream, I take the inspiration of the city dream to this design. I imagined the American carry a minimalist and low-profile bag around the city with their successful dream come true. A multi-functional bag and unexpected removable pouch are the 2 special features. The American Leather Co influenced the Gomez briefcase quality doesn't need to be loud in logo and affordable price doesn't break your bank account. The minimalistic design and practical always come first.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
The full-grain bison Veg Tanned leather has a beautiful personal characteristic. The high quality and durable leather change softness overtime. The silver hardware match with navy color leather makes it look casual yet professional.

What can you contribute to the American Leather Co. brand? Do you follow American Leather Co. or Aimee Kestenberg on Instagram?
My design will contribute to the American Leather Co. brand multi-functional and beautiful detail in minimalist aesthetic design. I do care about the exterior and interior space detail for bag to have functionality and practicality. Yes, I did follow American Leather Co. on Instagram.

Bag description
MIC & BEN, Gomez, Briefcase + removable pouch, Full Grain Bison Veg Tanned with Silver hardware, USD 400.

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