Jinjiao Yu - misty bag

Finalist of the The Animal Print Bag Inspired by Nine West

United States

2020 Finalist Jinjiao Yu misty bag


What does the Nine West brand mean to you and the inspiration for this sketch?
Nine West is the history and fashion culture for me . How is the Nine West brand start it that behind story is really inspired to me.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
The snake skin print and suede combo has an elegant and feminine beauty. I normally use suede to work with.

What is your design background? Do you currently design your own handbags collection? Does this silhouette fit into your collection? Why or why not?
I was graduated in Industrial design with my BFA degree . I am a MFA footwear and accessories design student right now. I don’t have my collection yet. I am working on it.

How did you incorporate the inspiration of animal prints with a functional hands-free bag?
Animal print is designed with diversity and different textures to present a unique sense of design. Snake skin print has the feminine beauty most representative of women. Having a unique bag is the dream of every woman. Use accessories to reflect your own personality.

What can you offer to the Nine West aesthetic? Do you follow Nine West on Instagram?
I can provide nine west with a perfect combination of feminine features and animal print of hands free bag. I do follow Nine West instagram.

Bag Description
brand name :misty bag.style: replaceable pocket belt bag.Material: snake skin print and suede price: $69

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