Jerome Bocchio - Jerome Bocchio Paris

Finalist of the The Leather Suede Skins Best Handmade Handbag


2020 Finalist Jerome Bocchio Jerome Bocchio Paris


Have you ever sewn with or used an industrial sewing machine? If not, how do you sew with leather?
All my bags are handmade by me using a sewing machine. I always use only leather and suede to create my bags. My handbags are numbered and fingerprint to make them really unique because nobody like to see their handbag in the street.

What sewing machine do you use to make your bags? How long have you had it?
This handbag is made with taurillon leather and the inside is in suede.

What is your design inspiration? Are there Instagram accounts that you follow for inspiration?
Yes, all my bags are handmade by me and numbered with my finger print inside. They are all made 100% in leather.

Do you make all of your own bags? If not, please explain who helps you make your bags.
I wanted to make a bag with dynamic shapes and unique from all points of view like every woman. Tornados are all different, in movement and perpetual evolution, like the 2020 woman.I don't follow any instagram accounts for inspiration.

What is the primary material used?
I use a PFAFF for all my bags. I have this sewing machine since 6 years.

How are your bags made?
Yes, I ever sew with an industrial sewing machine.

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