Ho Kuan Teck - Myura

Finalist of the The Leather Suede Skins Best Handmade Handbag


2020 Finalist Ho Kuan Teck Myura


Have you ever sewn with or used an industrial sewing machine? If not, how do you sew with leather?
This bag is fully hand-sewn, every details is done by hand.

What sewing machine do you use to make your bags? How long have you had it?
The primary material is cowhide.

What is your design inspiration? Are there Instagram accounts that you follow for inspiration?
The bag is all done by me, first i design it with 3D software for better understanding with the shape i sketch, after that I make the mock-up to refine it to reasonable. At the making process, I have a final pattern for cut leather and then I glue every parts and stitch it up pieces by pieces.

Do you make all of your own bags? If not, please explain who helps you make your bags.
The bag is inspired from Topographic and Chinese Oracle Bone Script "mountain" in combination with Topographic to form a portable bag. The Oracle Bone Script is form the main surface of the bag, The terrain map form to be surface material just like a mountain uneven surface. This tote bag is conceptualized with this ancient word and puts the Topographic element into the design style. Black is to represent minerals element it also make the bag more secretive, and people will slowly discover the texture of the bag.

What is the primary material used?
I didn't own sewing machine.

How are your bags made?
I sew leather by hand, all is using saddle stitch.

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