Heidi Zarate - ASIRI

Finalist of the The Animal Print Bag Inspired by Nine West


2020 Finalist Heidi   Zarate ASIRI


What does the Nine West brand mean to you and the inspiration for this sketch?
Nine West, for me it has to do with the empowered and self-confident woman, she is fun, elegant, flirty, different, adventurous, tender, etc. This brand offers the opportunity to reinforce the image of women and reinvent itself as she wants.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
I chose genuine leather because it is a resistant and very versatile material, normally I prefer to use this material to give my clients the security of a good article life and because in my country it is not easy to get excellent quality synthetic materials.

What is your design background? Do you currently design your own handbags collection? Does this silhouette fit into your collection? Why or why not?
I am constantly incorporating new products in my virtual store of leather bags and accessories. Definitely this design, if it fits in my collection because it has the touch that I want to transmit to my clients, power and elegance. I want them to feel very sure of themselves and that the bag is the perfect complement to their strong personality.

How did you incorporate the inspiration of animal prints with a functional hands-free bag?
It was very easy to incorporate the animal print, because I have worked designing bags with this feature, I think the animal print should be used with care, because it can look very elegant and refined, but if its use is exaggerated, it can become vulgar and bad taste. For this reason, it must be very subtle in its use in design, in my opinion.

What can you offer to the Nine West aesthetic? Do you follow Nine West on Instagram?
I can offer unforgettable looks for its details on traditional silhouettes, so that the bags are both functional and impressive at first sight and are not forgotten by the change in seasonal trends.Of course I keep a close eye on the Nine West Brand on Instagram, I'm excited to see their posts.

Bag Description
Asiri, Unique bag for Nine West, Satchel, snake´s print caw leather and beige cow leather, $ 250.

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