Eva Cass - MAE

Finalist of the The Danielle Nicole Best Student Made Handbag

United States

2020 Finalist Eva Cass MAE


School of Attendance
Parsons School of Design / 66 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011 / This is an art and design school with a heavy focus on fashion design.

What is your major?
Fashion Design

What inspires you? Are there Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration?
I am inspired by the natural world, organic shapes, and cellular biology. I began my design for my handbag by looking in biology and anatomy textbooks and tracing the shapes I saw, and then began to work on my bag design. I am inspired by the cells within the human body, the shapes that naturally occur and how they reappear in art and design. Sculpture artists such as Eva Hesse, and painters such as Sonia Delaunay and Hilma af Klint inspire me, with their ability to abstract natural forms and create immersive experiences with their art.

Are your bags already in production? Where are they manufactured and how many have you sold to date?
My bags are currently not in production. I make my bags by hand and am currently a student studying fashion design, and am currently in the process of marketing and beginning to manufacture and promote my handbags.

What kind of technology do you use to create your bag?
Adobe Illustrator, Sewing Machine, Laser Cutter

Bag Description
MAE, Natura Style, Sculptural Handbag, Faux Leather & Wood, $250

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