Devinder Singh - KC Malhan

Finalist of the The Global Goods Partners Magazine Most Socially Responsible Handbag


2020 Finalist Devinder Singh KC Malhan


What country are your bags manufactured?

Please explain how your bags are socially responsible?
Our bags are sourced from materials from small villages in India. Our team consists of resident artists from India's cottage industry and our factory, located in India, employs local artists and craftsman from all over India. We supply not only jobs at our factory, but help sustain the local villages by purchasing the raw materials directly from them. This supports many of the local families and allows them to spend their money in the local community.

Do you work with local/native artisans to design your bags?
Yes, all of our factory employees are local artisans and craftsman from the area. I have personally trained many of the lead artisans in my style.

Working Conditions. Are the manufacturers/artisans that are being employed being treated humanely, of age, and working in safe and acceptable conditions? Please explain.
Yes, the workers live on the factory compound and are paid an above average wage. We allow them plenty of leisure time to spend with their families. We consider our workers as part of our family, and we treat them as such.

Why did you choose this country to have your bags made and what made you decide to give back? How have your bags impacted this community?
I am Indian and grew up in that area, so I wanted to make sure my country of origin was able to benefit from my success. Once I moved to the US and built my company, I wanted to give back to India and empower other artists the same way I was empowered. I want to share my country men's talent with the world.

Bag Description
KCMalhan Julian Basket Weave Tote.Style No 03252020-01Classic Two pocket messenger with accessoriesExterior - Julian = ( Jute poly Linen)Interior - poly velvetHardware = reclyled wood buttons or buttons made from shells.Vegan gender nutreal Suggested Retail price - $60

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