Cristina Lozano - CL Bag Designs

Finalist of the The Mr. Bag by American Leather Co.


2020 Finalist Cristina Lozano CL Bag Designs


Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
I do have my own brand since 2017, called CLbags and I have 2 previous collections and right now I´m working on my third collection.

What is your personal aesthetic and does it influence your design?
I´m an Architect by profession, that makes my personal aesthetic clean, geometric, linear and minimalistic.

Why did you decide on this design? What makes this a men's bag influenced by the American Leather Co.'s aesthetic?
I decided on this design because it is clean, effortless in style and geometrical, just as my aesthetic and influenced by the American Leather Co aesthetic, it has two principal functions: it turns from a Crossbody Tote to a Sports bag by detaching both sides, it is unexpected and original, inspired by the craftsmanship and the American dream.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
I choose Vinyl, because I usually work with this material, t´s strong but soft, and I know how to handle it, the metal details and zippers will go well with the color and will look nice with the Mr. bag concept.

What can you contribute to the American Leather Co. brand? Do you follow American Leather Co. or Aimee Kestenberg on Instagram?
As a creative person with several years of design background, I´m always searching and updating my designs, I can contribute with a Mix of new trends but staying on the current American Leather Co brand, by introducing a pop of color and new patterns. I do follow American Leather Co. and Aimeee Kestenberg on Instagram, and love both IG accounts.

Bag description
CLbagdesign, Mr. American Leather Co. Bag, 2 way Crossbody Tote + Sport bag, Brown Vinyl with metal details, $225

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