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Finalist of the The SUJA Cold-Press Mini Bag

United States

2020 Finalist Courtney Gunn Courtney Gunn Bags


What makes the coin purse you have designed unique?
Learning that Suja first began by delivering drinks on a skateboard around the beaches in San Diego is where my inspiration first came from. I wanted a bright colorful bag that looked youthful and was easy on the go. You can wear it around your chest like a fanny pack or like a crossbody with the adjustable snaps. I wanted a bag that was versatile to fit the lifestyle of young beach enthusiasts. The material is from a distributor called Ananas-Anam and is made out of Pinatex leather, which is made from pineapple leaf fiber.

How was this coin purse design inspired by SUJA?
When I think of San Diego I think of sunshine, fresh air, and young people on the go. I wanted my bag to reflect the lifestyle and attitudes of southern California living. Plant based leathers such as pinatex, which is made from Pineapple is a great example of environmental progressive thinking.

Do you drink pressed juices? If so, which ones?
Yes! I love Evolutions pressed juices, the Organic citrus Radiance being my favorite. I also just recently purchased Sujas Three day Juice cleanse.

What is your personal aesthetic?
I love fun unique colors and attention to detail. I enjoy simple silhouettes and then having the materials and details speak for itself

Bag description
Courtney Gunns Bags, On the go beach life, Adjustable Fanny pack/shoulder bag, Pinatex Leather, $350

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