Aleksandra Klimek - ALEXANDRA KLIMEK

Winner of the The NY NOW Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design


2020 Finalist Aleksandra Klimek ALEXANDRA KLIMEK

Aleksandra Klimek FINALIST'S PROFILE

What was your inspiration for this bag?
The Cut Out Bag is inspired by these fleeting moments of happiness that make your heart skips a beat when playing sports.

What are the retail price-points of your line?
Bespoke Design / Product Design Marketing

How has this season or collection differed from those of yours of the past?
Alexandra Klimek's accessories are designed to become a part of woman's life, and to accent her elegance and personality. Accessories from 'Play the 'A' game™' line are not made to complete a look; on the contrary, they are designed to express an emotion and make the wearer unique, leading to a particular idea: the triggering of emotions, followed by the creation of love at first sight and the spark of an overwhelming desire.'Play the 'A' game' line embraces the qualities of a small artisan fashion enterprise, which is a leather specialist studio. Craftsmanship, distinctive patterns and impeccable quality are the values that are incorporated in every design and production step.

What other handbag designers have inspired you? Which Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?
Other handbag brands that have inspired me in the past are Loewe, Valextra and Givenchy.Instagram accounts that I follow for inspiration are : @ratedmodernart, @petraleary, @bicicletasemfreio, @marktennantart, @thekunstmagazine, @accidentallywesanderson, @nasa, @remirough, @jankalab, @parklife.co.nz, @cocolia, @petraleary

What makes your line innovative and worth of the Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design?
All accessories hand-crafted by Alexandra Klimek are designed to express an emotion and make the potential owner feel unique.The uniqueness of the line flows from the combination of shapes and materials employed(leather, wood), which create a striking accent to products' silhouettes by combining modern design with leather craftsmanship. Inspiration behind every product comes from that feeling of happiness while doing sports or simple physical activities (playing basketball), hence their rather geometric forms.

Bag Description
Alexandra Klimek, Cut Out Bag, clutch with detachable strap, 3 shades of blue lambskin leather and white smooth calf leather, $1,295.00

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