Aleksandra Klimek_ - ALEXANDRA KLIMEK

Finalist of the The SUJA Cold-Press Mini Bag


2020 Finalist Aleksandra  Klimek_ ALEXANDRA  KLIMEK

Aleksandra Klimek_ FINALIST'S PROFILE

What makes the coin purse you have designed unique?
Modern life is compartmentalised, colourful, and ethical. The handles of the bag are crafted from the offcuts of the main design, giving rise to a less-wasteful bag that remains vibrant. Modern women demand functionality that matches the style of their bags, and the Suja mini bag delivers - with spaces for cards, an internal zip pockets and two separate compartments, the bag may be mini but it packs a major (fruit) punch.

How was this coin purse design inspired by SUJA?
The Balboa Park in San Diego is iconic. The fusion of architecture and nature inspired this bag, and the swing stylings of the Balboa dance brought it to life. Inspired by the plants of the park, the bag is made from leather off-cuts, and the vibrant colours of the bag echo the vivid natural rainbow found in San Diego.

Do you drink pressed juices? If so, which ones?
I drink a variety of tropical pressed juices available in UK supermarkets and independent coffeeshops. My favourite pressed-juice is made of kale, celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon and is made for me in my favourite coffeeshop on London's Brick Lane.

What is your personal aesthetic?
I would describe it as functional modern craftsmanship.

Bag description
Alexandra Klimek, Balboa Bag, mini crossbody/handheld, light grey, blue, green off-cuts leathers, $350

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