Adam French - Adan Ballou

Finalist of the The Mr. Bag by American Leather Co.


2020 Finalist Adam French Adan Ballou


Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
Adan Ballou is my brand/pseudonym

What is your personal aesthetic and does it influence your design?
That glow of things made without ulterior motive, made to be generous, made with enthusiasm or for the joy of sharing.

Why did you decide on this design? What makes this a men's bag influenced by the American Leather Co.'s aesthetic?
I have this daydream about a group of creative people who make a game out of covert philanthropy. They apply their imaginations towards causing a subtle act of kindness to profound effect. A secret society who's mark is random good deeds without any acknowledgment at all. Membership requires the ingenuity to see & courage to seize opportunities in everyday life. There is no single word in English to describe someone who derives joy from the joy of others. This is their anonymity. This is a bag for them, my Ash Brothers.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
Wickett & Craig English Bridle leather is quality material that will lastEco-Essentials Hemp Canvas is durable, anti UV & Anti Bacterial, & will mould to use like the leather willBuckleGuy Solid brass hardware (Cast solid, not bent to form)RiRi zippers lubbed in beeswax has good action for long lasting use.

What can you contribute to the American Leather Co. brand? Do you follow American Leather Co. or Aimee Kestenberg on Instagram?
I'm a pretty creative person. I like experimenting with all sorts of mediums. It would be fun to experiment with like minded people. I'd be very interested in seeing how a big brand goes about the design process. I think in my own way, I could contribute to their design team.

Bag description
Adan Ballou, Manitoba Bag, Messenger/Brief, Veg Tanned Leather, $2500

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