The SUJA Cold-Press Mini Bag

Create a mini bag inspired by the bright colors of plant-powered SUJA and its sunny home of San Diego


  • Designers are required to submit a sketch.
  • Designers are encouraged to use the brand assets of SUJA and integrate them into their design.
  • Finalists that are selected will be responsible for making the bags they have sketched within 3 weeks so keep in mind when selecting materials for your rendering.
  • No materials or inspiration will be provided for this sample.

  • SUJA Brand Assets
    • Made out of Sustainable material
    • Elements of additional convenience to wear or carry are welcome
    • Functional (dedicated space for coins or credit cards, lip gloss, etc.)
    • Can take out from Beach Boho to nightlife
    • Bright, colorful and "mature but youthful" feel
    • Must not already be available in retail
    • For inspiration, research the SUJA brand and check out https://www.sujajuice.com/, as well as the SUJA Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/lovesuja/
    • Do you want to see how much we really love plants? Check this out!


      Winner will garner the opportunity to potentially collaborate with the SUJA, using the winning bag as inspiration.



At Suja, we love plants. Like, really love plants. We're constantly in search of the most interesting, delicious, nutritious plants we can find, then turn them into chef-crafted juice flavors ranging from earthy to naturally sweet for all to enjoy. We cold-press our ingredients to extract all the nutrients, then bottle them up and use High-Pressure Processing (HPP) to get rid of the potentially harmful bacteria while keeping that fresh taste and all the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Always organic, clean-label, and featuring local plant-powered ingredients, Suja has a drink for every lifestyle!