Ratna Ho - Fraenck

Finalist of the The Pinatex Best Green Handbag

The Netherlands

2019 Finalist Ratna Ho Fraenck


What is your bag made out of?
This bag is made out of upcycled imitation leather and water based acrylic paint.

From where do you source your materials?
We only use leftovers from local factories and manufacturers (cutting waste, leftover from production). All our linings are deadstock fabrics. We aim to use as many upcycled materials as possible. Marktplaats.nl a typical dutch resell website you can find a lot of materials that people don't need anymore. Even our water-based acrylic paint comes from there.

What is your design inspiration & why is working with green/eco friendly products important to you? Are there Instagram accounts you find inspiring?
Our design inspiration comes from the materials we find. While making the bag we listen to the materials. Joy and humor plays a big role as a source of inspiration. Although we don't believe in timelessness, we try to design our items as timeless as possible, so it can be worn as long as possible. Fashion trends are not sustainable in the long run. Working with limitations is a challenge, but we have learned to love them. Working only with upcycled materials is a no brainer for us. There is so much waste, it would be madness to not put them to good use! We also believe that you have a responsibility as a designer what you create in this world. By using only left overs for our bags we reduce the waste and upcycled what was destined to be binned. Our motto: a design can only be good as its story! The instagram account of @BOF (The business of Fashion) strikes a good balance between information and aesthetics. The Artez Fashion Design Arnhem instagram (@artezfashiondesignarnhem) is for me the most inspiring account. New fresh visions of students is always uplifting to see and inspires me endlessly.

Bag Description
Brand name: Fraenck, Style: Mabel, Material: white, imitation leather leftovers and recycled water-based acrylic paint, $350

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