Sugandh Agrawal - GUNAS New York

Winner of the The Best Retail Handbag Presented by Macy's


2018 Finalist Sugandh Agrawal GUNAS New York


How does your bag relate to the Macy's customer?
Want more than just a bag? Look no further than the Livia Backpack + Satchel convertible bag from Gunas New York. The Livia bag is designed with the style conscious, savvy spender, family oriented customer of Macy's in mind. Their customers (a loyal fan/shopper myself for over 10 years here!) want high quality fashion that's multi purpose and can be worn with diverse looks without breaking the bank. This style is for every woman, for every purpose. Use it as a work bag, diaper bag, backpack or a shopper bag. It's stylish, elegant and reliable. Just like Macy's!

What makes your bag stand out from other bags at Macy's?
My bags bring out the "fun" in functional. No longer do customers want to buy only what's trendy. They are buying less and are more selective about their purchases. They want products that will last, not only quality wise but also style. My bags are designed with elements that are remnant of the past and a reflection of the future. Made using high quality leather alternatives, eco friendly and recycled materials and styles sometimes inspired by classic statement pieces. The brand caters to a growing niche of the eco conscious customers curious about how and who made their fashion.

What brands do you identify with at Macy's? Do you see your bags retailing side-by-side with them?
I personally love shopping on the ground level for fashion accessories. But being a vegan I'm unable to purchase any leather item from some of my favorite brands, even though I love their styling. My customers always compare the brand to Coach, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade. I can see my brand fitting really well next to these brands as well.

How could you benefit from Macy's Workshop?
I'm a minority, woman owned small business with a passion for what I do. I'd love to have the opportunity to learn more from experts in the field, especially Macy's on how I can take my business and brand strategy to the next level. I have a strong background in design and come from a family of small business owners. I'm also a mom to a wonderful 3 year old. This opportunity would mean the world to me! Thank you.

Bag description
LIVIA, Gunas New York, Satchel + backpack, Eco-Pelle (Non-Leather), Retail: $225.00

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