Shivani Suhag - AVOCADOE

Finalist of the The Pure and Natural Yoga Bag Inspired by TAJA Coconut


2018 Finalist Shivani Suhag AVOCADOE


What makes the yoga bag you have designed unique?
This yoga bag not only accommodates the yoga mat but is also roomy enough to accommodate yoga clothing, towel and a bottle of fresh TAJA coconut water.

How was this yoga bag design inspired by TAJA Coconut?
The elements of Taja brand have been kept in mind while designing this bag such as transparent body, clean, the colour green, organic cotton webbing has been used that is printed with words that best describe the essence of TAJA brand. The triangular shape of the coconut that has inspired the design aesthetics in TAJA bottle has been used to create a triangular shaped bag with triangular logo patch as well as shoulder pad.

Do you drink coconut water or coconut beverages? If so, which ones?
I have only had fresh coconut water straight from the trees.

Do you think there is a connection between yoga and coconut water? Did this influence your design?
yes of course, just like the numerous benefits of yoga that are known to us, coconut water goes hand-in -hand with yoga. Coconut water is natural and fat free, it helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism. It also helps in rehydrating the body so its only the best drink to have after a nice yoga session.

What is your personal aesthetic?
My personal aesthetic is simple, no fuss style with an element of surprise.

Bag Description
Avocadoe, AVOGA, Duffle/ barrel, Organic cotton, vegan leather and vinyl. $90

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