Pooja Sanghvi - Pooja Sanghvi

Winner of the The Heritage Bag Inspired by Guess Handbags


2018 Finalist Pooja Sanghvi Pooja Sanghvi


What does the Guess? brand mean to you and the inspiration for this sketch
The first thing that comes to mind when I think Guess? is jeans. Guess has consistently innovated and lead the industry when it comes to all things denim. I drew inspiration for my sketch from Guess?'s rich history, my own passion for conservation, and my desire to highlight forgotten beauty. I have designed this bag to be made out of scraps from discarded denim. The goal is to reuse our waste and embrace the natural patina and degradation/distress that occurs over time in jeans. I envisioned this bag to be used as a daily bag; Guess?'s bags are directed towards this market and I want to highlight that even though I aim to use recycled materials, I don't expect to compromise on form or function.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
I chose to work with salvaged denim because it is one which connects with the heritage of Guess? while also motivating my passion for sustainability.

What is your design background?
I am a Junior in Fashion Design at Parsons. I am focusing on materiality and textile exploration. I have a deep passion for sustainability coming from India.

Do you currently design your own handbags collection? If so, would your GUESS? Design fit into your current line?
I do not have my own handbag line; however, I have designed several handbags for several of my classes. Having previous experience in handbag design has helped me become more inspired to work on this project.

What materials do you normally work with?
I try to be as diverse as possible with my selection of materials, constantly exploring what is the newest in the space. I try to manipulate fabrics and materials from various industries to create new textiles. Most recently I created a handbag out of acrylic and I am now working with temperature-sensitive fabrics.

What can you offer to the GUESS? aesthetic?
I feel I have a lot to offer Guess? I like to think outside of the box in terms of materiality. I want to bring a more sustainable side of fashion to Guess? And help guide the company into a future that more millennials can support.

Bag Description
Pooja Sanghvi, 'Salvare', Bucket style, Salvaged denim, white faux leather, $350

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