Maria Magdalena Suarez Anzorena - Maria Magdalena Suarez Anzorena

Finalist of the The Heritage Bag Inspired by Guess Handbags


2018 Finalist Maria Magdalena Suarez Anzorena Maria Magdalena Suarez Anzorena

Maria Magdalena Suarez Anzorena FINALIST'S PROFILE

What does the Guess? brand mean to you and the inspiration for this sketch
Guess means youth and glamour. I used to work for a denim Company back in Argentina and we used to look up at Guess for its wonderful washes and designs. I love the elegance of the designs and I wanted to show that in my design. My design was inspired by the Brand's logo, and by the Guess's woman, a fearless, sexy, young and adventurous woman.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
I used markers and pencils because I feel comfortable working with them. I edited the final sketch with Photoshop.

What is your design background?
I got a fashion design degree in Argentina, and I am currently finishing my ASS in Accessories Design at FIT.

Do you currently design your own handbags collection? If so, would your GUESS? Design fit into your current line?
I am designing handbags for a future self-startup, and this design could be included in my collection, without the Guess detail of course.

What materials do you normally work with?
I usually work with leathers and synthetic leathers.

What can you offer to the GUESS? aesthetic?
I like clean and elegant lines. Functional and beautiful to carry. The one item that rounds up the amazing look of the Guess's Woman.

Bag Description
Maria Magdalena Suarez Anzorena, Madonna bag, Handhandle bag, $350.

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