Loukia Iliopoulou - Vitro Atelier

Finalist of the The UBM Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design


2018 Finalist Loukia Iliopoulou Vitro Atelier

Loukia Iliopoulou FINALIST'S PROFILE

What was your inspiration for this bag?
Vitro atelier handbags are inspired by a plethora of geometric patterns found in traditional and modern architecture, from wooden lattice screens in Kashmir to art deco railings in Paris and metallic lanterns in Morocco. The choice of translucent colored Plexiglas as the main material emphasizes the idea of looking though and creates 3d effect by adding depth to the classic clutch box. Laser cutters are used for carving the pieces which are then hand assembled. The main aspiration is to design wearable art objects that are interesting to observe even when you don’t wear them.

What are the retail price-points of your line?
120-150 GBP, depending on the finish

Do you change your silhouettes and materials every season?
We aim at releasing a different object-clutch bag once a year exploring different silhouettes and color palettes. Plexiglas will remain the main material for the brand for its animal-friendly nature and unique properties. As Vitro Atelier is just a 6-month old brand, the Neptune clutch bag is part of its first and current collection.

What other handbag designers have inspired you?
Jasper Conran SS12Simone Rocha SS13

What makes your line innovative and worth of overall?
What makes Neptune clutch unique:-Its ability to play with light and create 3-dimensional effects looking different from each angle-Compared to other opaque or transparent Plexiglas clutch bags in the market, it offers a different level of transparency by screening the content with its colored and translucent cutouts patterns. - It is an architectural approach to a fashion product. The design and production process involves parametric design and digital fabrication with high precision laser cutters and a lot of hand assembly. - It is versatile art object. It can also be used as a jewelry box, as a lamp, as a living room decor- It's a show stopper and a conversation starter!

Bag Description
Vitro Atelier, Neptune, clutch bag, Plexiglas, 215 $

Bag Description

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