Laine Weber Callahan - Laine

Finalist of the The Pure and Natural Yoga Bag Inspired by TAJA Coconut

United States

2018 Finalist Laine Weber Callahan Laine

Laine Weber Callahan FINALIST'S PROFILE

What makes the yoga bag you have designed unique?
This yoga bag is unique because of each and every detail. What really sets it apart is the indian inspired laser cut pattern. I chose to laser cut the entire body in order for the yoga mat to breathe. It has an open, airy feel, which will can be refreshing to the user. Its uniqueness also comes from the painted detail on the body. I chose to paint the body in order to stay in the true essence of the TAJA Coconut logo feel, which displays a painted blue/green background.

How was this yoga bag design inspired by TAJA Coconut?
When designing this bag, each and every aspect of the bag was inspired by TAJA Coconut. I wanted the bag to completely connect with the brand. From the painted blue/green body, to the shape of the laser cuts...each element stays true to TAJA Coconut.

Do you drink coconut water or coconut beverages? If so, which ones?
I have not drank a lot of coconut water in the past, but the few times I have, it has been Vita Coconut water.

Do you think there is a connection between yoga and coconut water? Did this influence your design?
I do believe there is a connection between yoga and coconut beverages. This did influence my design. It was really important to make all of these elements coexist. I wanted to design a bag that embodied the TAJA Coconut water look and feel. It was important for me to create a special bag for the brand, that not only held a yoga mat, but could improve someone's mood and encourage excitement when going to participate in yoga.

What is your personal aesthetic?
My personal aesthetic has an eclectic modern feel. I really love to mix abstract shapes and color with clean lines and design details.

Bag Description
Laine, Lilian Style, Yoga Bag, Veg-tan, $70

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