Jasmin Druffner - Druffner Rucksack

Finalist of the The Basic Adhesives Best Green Handbag

United States

2018 Finalist Jasmin Druffner Druffner Rucksack


What is your bag made out of?
The compostable backpack is made of only three components: organic cotton, jute fiber and three recycled metal buttons. No use of synthetic webbing or any adhesives. The organic cotton is dyed with natural indigo (blue) and chebula seeds (yellow) – in order to achieve the green color. The jute fiber is recycled and acts as a structural webbing. The aluminum buttons are also recycled, and are removable once the backpack is ready to be composted. The buttons can be recycled or reused on your next Rucksack.

Where do you source your materials?
Materials are sourced through a collaboration with Industry of All Nations – this organic cotton is grown, hand-loomed and hand-dyed in Tamil Nadu, India.

What is your design inspiration & why is working with green/eco friendly products important to you?
My inspiration was to push the concept of sustainable fabrics even further, and develop a backpack that was not only compostable, but actually beneficial to the environment once broken down – Cotton and jute fiber are high in nitrogen, and great for composting. As a designer, I feel responsible for the experiences and objects I create, and my mission is to explore the intersections between unexpected materials and innate function.

Have you heard of Basic Adhesives?
Yes, they are a well known company within eco-friendly adhesives.

Would you be interested in learning more about eco-friendly glue and edge paint?
Yes! Adhesives are a huge issue when it comes to making bio-degradable and compostable backpacks.

Bag Description
The Druffner Urban Rucksack is a versatile and comfortable backpack, made of hand-dyed and hand-loomed organic cotton, jute fiber and three recycled aluminum buttons. When the rucksack is ready to be composted, take apart the buttons and throw the backpack on a compost pile. The buttons can be recycled or used for your next Rucksack. 120 Dollars.

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