Fiona Liu - ddropp

Winner of the The Basic Adhesives Best Green Handbag

People's Republic Of China

2018 Finalist Fiona Liu ddropp


What is your bag made out of?
leather and leather scraps

Where do you source your materials?
leather factory gave me the scraps for free

What is your design inspiration & why is working with green/eco friendly products important to you?
Inspiration begins from my dream. I believe we are all responsible for keeping a greener planet. Help to reduce carbon and use recycle materials for new purposes. It is very important to me. I am not only using a lot of biodegrade and recycled materials in my handbag collection, so is the same for my ready to wear collection, that I use recycled materials too.

Have you heard of Basic Adhesives?
Yes. that is the eco-friendly adhesives I used to glue my designs together.

Would you be interested in learning more about eco-friendly glue and edge paint?

Bag Description
Brand name: ddroppLeather and leather scraps1. Cross body bag $3002. Back pack $350

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