Elena Bourbour Ajdari - Neleni

Finalist of the The Best Retail Handbag Presented by Macy's


2018 Finalist Elena Bourbour Ajdari Neleni

Elena Bourbour Ajdari FINALIST'S PROFILE

How does your bag relate to the Macy's customer?
This bag has a fun design and it's a handy satchel as well. Most of the Macy's handbags are in this type of category.

What makes your bag stand out from other bags at Macy's?
The design of this purse is kind of unique and it grabs the costumers' attention while it fits to the Macy's style and need.

What brands do you identify with at Macy's? Do you see your bags retailing side-by-side with them?
Kate Spade New York

How could you benefit from Macy's Workshop?
I can learn more about the trends which have more demand in Macy's and department stores, understand costumers' behaviors and expectations and try to design in such a way to address their needs.

Bag description
Brand Name: NeleniStyle Name: Jollity SatchelSilhouette: SatchelMaterial: Genuine calf suede and calfskinretail price: $400

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