Ayushi Rastogi - Acute Bags

Finalist of the The Aimee Kestenberg Signature Satchel


2018 Finalist Ayushi Rastogi Acute Bags


Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
I'm currently a student aspiring of Lifestyle Accessory design in National Institute of Design and practicing architect. However, I'm planning to soon launch my own brand for accessories.

What is your personal aesthetic?
I take my inspiration from my the nature and architecture around me.

What are your current strengths & weaknesses as a designer?
My strength lies in learning new subjects, share stories and talk to people. This provides me new perspective everyday and helps me understand my work better.My weakness is I'm a workaholic and emotional person. I get very attached to my work which sometimes brings restrictions with the execution of the work.

Why did you decide on this design?
I tried to capture the essence of Tamitha backpack in terms of looks and usage in my design. This bag captures the aspect of easy usability of Tamitha backpack very well.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
Leather as a material represents a sense of royalty and exclusiveness. Today's generation is interested in buying things which can set them apart from everyone hence use of this material.

What can you contribute to the Aimee Kestenberg brand?
Aimee Kestenberg brand is popular among youth due to it's unique form and functionality. I believe my ideologies of finding functionality in every product I make and workaholic characteristics can be very useful for this brand.

Bag description
Ayushi Rastogi Bags, ‘Ray’ Style, Satchel, White buffalo leather, $200

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