Alyssa Fishenden - Aly Chantal

Finalist of the The Pure and Natural Yoga Bag Inspired by TAJA Coconut

United States

2018 Finalist Alyssa Fishenden Aly Chantal


What makes the yoga bag you have designed unique?
It is a cool clear versatile bag in which a yoga mat can be dropped in through the top drawstring or the vertical zipper on the side. However, the mat can also be strapped to the outside and the bag can be filled with additional belongings. The bag has multiple pockets for storage, grommets for breathability and a hand-painted holder for the TAJA coconut water bottle.

How was this yoga bag design inspired by TAJA Coconut?
The yoga bag was inspired by the cool transparent bottle.

Do you drink coconut water or coconut beverages? If so, which ones?
I have had coconut water from different brands in the past, but never really found one that I truly enjoyed. My family is from different islands, so I get the opportunity to have fresh coconut water from the trees in their backyard. It's great, there is always a pitcher of coconut water in my grandmother's house when we visit.

Do you think there is a connection between yoga and coconut water? Did this influence your design?
In my opinion, yoga is a total mind-body workout that strengthens, energizes and refreshes the body and I think coconut beverages compliment this as they are pure, natural and help hydrate the body and restore what is lost during a session of yoga. I believe they can both work together as a body refresher. Also the idea of something, pure, clean, and natural influenced my semi-transparent design for the person that wants a hip, versatile bag that they can take with them to every class.

What is your personal aesthetic?
Personally, I like to create pieces that are modern/clean, versatile and are brought to life with accent colors or patterns. I draw inspiration from abstract art and architecture.

Bag Description
Aly Chantal Bags, 'Kingston', Yoga bag, Vinyl, Canvas, $40

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