The Pure and Natural Yoga Bag Inspired by TAJA Coconut

Design a yoga bag inspired by the uniqueness of TAJA Coconut


TAJA Coconut is authentic, aspirational, approachable, premium, witty, powerful, colorful, cool, attractive and desirable.

  • Designers are required to submit a sketch.
  • Designers are encouraged to use the brand assets of TAJA Coconut and integrate them into their design.
  • Finalists that are selected will be responsible for making the bags they have sketched within 3 weeks so keep in mind when selecting materials for your rendering.
  • No materials or inspiration will be provided for this sample.

  • TAJA Coconut Brand Assets:
    • No obstructive labels and packaging
    • Triangular bottle inspired by the tender green coconut
    • No strange color or odor.
    • All on full display
    • Transparent label
    • Transparent product
    • Only 1 ingredient / Pure and Natural
    • True to the principles of holistic wellness originated in India
    • Protected intellectual property and patent
    • Locked in freshness through quick extraction of coconuts monitored for ripeness
    • Sourced from natural tall palm trees rather than bio-engineered hybrids
    • Fair trade practices with local farmers
    • Partner with farmers for optimal soil conditions and hydration
    • Coconuts are ground down to powder after water extraction for:
    • Composting to feed soil of new coconut trees
    • Turned into organic seedling pots and replanted without need to dig it up
    • TAJA Coconut


      Winner will garner the opportunity to potentially collaborate with the exciting launch of the 100% pure and natural coconut water, TAJA Coconut, using the winning bag as inspiration, and also receive a yearlong membership to the Accessories Council.



100% Pure Coconut Water.

Pure and Natural.