The Aimee Kestenberg Signature Satchel

Create the next Must-Have Aimee Bag inspired by the brands iconic Tamitha Backpack.



  • Designers are required to submit a sketch.
  • Create the next Must-Have Signature Satchel inspired by the brands iconic Tamitha Backpack. http://aimeekestenberg.com/tamitha-backpack-2819.html
  • The Satchel must be as uniquely Functional as it is Fashionable and incorporate the casual yet elevated vibe of the Aimee Kestenberg brand DNA.
  • The bag should be able to be worn 2-3 ways (with short handles & a cross-body/convertible strap) The Bag should be uniquely constructed The Bag should feature Bold zippers like the Tamitha Backpack The Bag should have clever and relevant inside organization. The Bag should have outside function (Note – the function can be hidden).
  • Finalists that are selected will be responsible for making the bags they have sketched within 3 weeks so keep in mind when selecting materials for your rendering.
  • No materials or inspiration will be provided for this sample.
  • Bags must be original and not from past or current employer, internship or apprenticeship.
  • For inspiration, check out Aimeekestenberg.com https://www. Aimeekestenberg.com/


Winner will garner the opportunity to potentially collaborate with the Aimee Kestenberg Handbag Design Team using the winning bag as inspiration; receive a one on one strategy meeting with our company CEO & Creative Director to help guide them with a strategy to best achieve their goals as a designer; be featured on Aimee Kestenberg Social Platforms; receive a finished professionally made sample of the final bag design if/when produced; and be considered for an apprenticeship with The Affordable Luxury Group in New York City. The winner will also receive a yearlong membership with the Accessories Council.

Tamitha Backpack


About Aimee Kestenberg:
A three-time finalist and two-time winner of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, The Aimee Kestenberg Brand was launched in 2013. An entrepreneur at heart and a disrupter in the world of fashion, Aimee Kestenberg has redefined the meaning of ‘affordable luxury’. Aimee’s “keep it real” attitude and unique, casual and free-spirited designs have deemed her an industry leader in the world of handbags and accessories. For more visit: www.aimeekestenberg.com/about

About The Affordable Luxury Group
The Affordable Luxury Group is a millennial-driven fashion house with an emphasis on Handbags, comprised of designer brand Aimee Kestenberg as well as a mix of industry-wide collaborations, proprietary brands, licenses and private label. The company offerings include categories from handbags, small leather goods, luggage & travel, belts and more. For more visit: https://www.linkedin.com/company/affordable-luxury-group