10 years of Handbag Awards
2016 Finalist Bags
2016 Prelim Panel
Bloggers at IHDA
Finalist Pre Party
Jason Rimokh of Signal presenting
Abury Founder
Adrian Furstenberg
Ami Richter LUG Founder
Amy Guiterriez of Bernina
Amy Guitierrez of Bernina announcing Winner of Best Handmade Handbag
Audience Fan Favorite Ollie Quinn
bag by Michelle Lowe Holder IHDA Finalist
Best Green Winner Hanna Varner of hr deneau
Best Student Winner carolina ecco
Blogger at IHDA
Blogger Dara Senders
Charlie and Zoey Klibansky
christina malleos of hilldun
Christine Lynn of Basic Adhesives
Class of 2016 IHDA Finalists
Designer Aime Garcia
Designer Madhecci
Designer Madhecci Student Finalist
Emily Blumenthal and Trina Turk
Esteemed Judges MZWallace
Evie Evangelou of Fashion 4 Development
Evie Evangelou presenting Most Socially Responsible Handbag
Falchi's and Winners Heirloom bags
Finalist Ana Maria Ortega
Finalist Doizpe
Finalist Erica Lynn
Finalist Gion
Finalist Julie Lazarus of Elezar
Finalist Justin Gloston of R3form
Finalist Saque
Finalists Heirloom
Finalists Kristina George
Founders Acidchrome
Guess Winner Adrian Furstenberg
Heirloom Winner Best Overall Handbag in Style and Design
Heirloom Winners
Huffington Post Editor
Iconoclast recipients Lucy Wallace Eustice and Monica Zwirner of MZWallace
IHDA All Star Clara Yoo
IHDA All Star Clara Yoo
IHDA Class of 2016
IHDA Finalist Erica Lynn
IHDA Finalist Kristina George
IHDA Finalist Stevan Saville
IHDA Finalists
IHDA Finalists from SCAD
IHDA Finalists Jacqueline Suriano Hanna Varner and Kristina George
IHDA Founder Emily Blumenthal and daughter Zoey Klibansky
IHDA Prelim Judge Dawn Del Russo
IHDA Prelim Judge Gina Doost
IHDA Prelim Judges Emma Grady and Gina Doost
IHDA Winner Adrian Furstenberg
IHDA Winner Angela Olson of Angela Valentine
IHDA Winner Gunas Vegan
IHDA Winner Stacy Chan
IHDA Winner Zhe Liu
IHDA Winners Heirloom Handbags and Yanique Moore Ollie Quinn
IHDA Winners HR Deneau and Carolina Ecco
IHDA Winners HR Deneau, Carolina Ecco, and Jacqueline Suriano
IHDA worldwide Finalists
InStyle Winner Yanique Moore Ollie Quinn
Jacqueline Suriano
Jason Rimokh presenting Guess category
Julee Wilson of Essence
Julee Wilson of Essence presenting
Julee Wilson of Essence presenting Iconoclast award to Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice of MZWallace
Kahlana Barfield of InStyle
Katie and Juliet Falchi
Katie and Juliet Falchi presenting the Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design
Kerri Quigley of the Fashion Class
L and Leung Laurie Pridgenon
Ladies of Bottomless Closet
Loreen Stevens of blue pacific pictures sabina hitchen Prelim Judge
LUG Founder Ami Richter
LUG Founders Jason and Ami Richter
Mary Kay Team
Mary Kay Winner Zhe Liu
Michelle Lowe Holder
Myrna Block of Basic Adhesives
Myrna Block presenting Best Green Handbag
MZWallace Founders with Julee Wilson of Essence
MZWallace with IHDA Founder Emily Blumenthal
Pantone Winner Stacy Chan
Saque Founder phone call
Saque Founders
Sarah Lynch of ENK, Don Pietranczyk of WWDMAGIC and Tom Nastos of UBM
Signal Products owner Jason Rimokh
Steven Webster of Mary Kay
Steven Webster presenting Mary Kay Wear with Confidence Bag
Steven Webster with Zhe Liu Winner of Mary Kay Handbag
Team at aime garcia
Team from Acidchrome
Team from Sage Femme
The Basic Adhesives Team
The Global Purchasing Team
Tom Nastos of UBM
Tom Nastos presenting Iconoclast award
Trina Turk presenting
Trina Turk Winner Cathleen Nicol of C Nicol
Winner Best Handmade Handbag Angela Valentine
Winner Best Student Carolina Ecco
Winner Best Student Made Handbag
Winner InStyle dot com Audience Fan Favorite Yanique Moore of Ollie Quinn
Winner Jacqueline Suriano Most Socially Responsible Award
Winner Mary Kay Zhe Liu
Winner of Best Handmade Handbag Angela Olson of Angela Valentine
Winners of Best Handbag in overall style and design Heirloom Handbags
Yanique Moore and InStyle Kahlana Barfield