The Basic Adhesives Best Green Handbag

Bags that are made out of sustainable, recycled or organic materials


Bags can be made from:
  • Raw materials: 100% organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, cork
  • Recycled materials: fabric, soda bottles, vinyl, etc.
  • Sustainable fibers: corn based, cotton, linen, ramie, seaweed, silk, soy, etc.
  • All components (e.g. metal zippers, buttons, clasps should be made from recycled metal or reused pieces)
  • Handbag should be completely recyclable at the end of its life
  • Any dyed fabric should be done with a non-toxic dye that does not use fixing agents


Winner will have the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for the eco-industry top brand, Basic Adhesives, enough Basic Adhesives glue and edge paint for 1000 bags, and a year-long membership to the Accessories Council.



Basic Adhesives is a premier manufacturer of eco-friendly adhesives and edge stains for the leather goods industry. We have adhesives for leather, PVC, PU and fabric. Our vision is to provide eco-friendly adhesives for all applications in the leather goods industry.

We provide award-winning service and guaranteed satisfaction. Our adhesives can be found in handbags, shoes, belts, wallets, garments, holsters and other small leather goods around the world. Basic Adhesives are proud to be made in the USA.