Palwasha Iqbal - Palwasha Designs

Finalist of the The Optitex Best Student Handbag

United States

2014 Finalist Palwasha Iqbal Palwasha Designs


School of attendance?
Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, New York

What are your major design inspirations?
Accessories Design

Technology Used in Design?
Different movements in art history, and the way each culture have used these eras to challenge forms of design aesthetic. With this particular clutch, I was inspired by the 1960s Pop Art in color and form. I wanted to make a nod to the era without creating something that looked dated. Which is why I combined the architecture moment of Post-War Modernism.

Aspirations beyond Graduation?
Ban-saw, Sanding Belt Bag Aspirations beyond Graduation? I hope to learn and grow from working with a larger brand. While I am fully capable of working independently I prefer to be a part of a team. I think good group dynamics can lead to amazing things.

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