Fiona Kempton - Kempton & Co.

Winner of the The Timberland Amorim Cork Best Green Handbag

Great Britain

2012 Finalist Fiona Kempton Kempton & Co.


What is your bag made out of?
An old flour sack, scraps of leather, reclaimed hardware from 3 old bags from the Salvation Army, a dress muslin and some boat bimini

Where do you source your materials?
Salvation Army, a lady who collects old textiles

Where are bags sold?
(in fall) www.kemptonandco.com, Earnest Sewn(NY, CA), Blue Bag(Nolita, NY), Eva Gentry(Brooklyn), FreePeople.com, Roslyn(Chicago), Sustainville, Nia (Rome), L'essage(Japan)

What is your design inspiration?
I was exposed to the leather work of saddlery my Father would create, along with his canvas fly fishing bags. He was a race horse trainer and grew up in the English countryside so equestrian details have been a source of inspiration. I often like a contrast of elements which I think comes though in this design like the idea of poor fabric with rich gold hardware.

Have you worked with cork before?
No. I was only sorry I couldn't use it in this design (I only just came across this site 2 nights before deadline so rushed to make a "green" bag in time, and unfortunately I couldn't get the cork delivered in time.

Why would you want to collaborate with Timberland?
When i think of Timberland product, I think of rugged hardwearing things. It works perfectly with my design sensibility where I can combine that spirit and mixing it with a feminine edge to give a new angle to it. I am an outdoors girl, with interests that make me think of the practicality behind a design too-I love designing bags that can take a beating and are functional as well as great in design. I believe there are items in my current line that would work for a Timberland customer. We would be a perfect collaboration.

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