Kelly Horton - Madison Kelly NYC

Finalist of the Artisan House Award by Isabella Fiore

United States

2011 Finalist Kelly Horton Madison Kelly NYC


What is your inspiration for this sketch?
The inspiration for this sketch is basically my interpretation of what a capsule collection for Isabella Fiore should be. Fresh, innovative and different! I designed a bag that translates my perspective of past collections, but staying true to my design concepts and style.

Why did you select the particular materials to work within your sketch?
I used Cheyene leather, Matka Silk and two different hand stitching techniques.

What is your design background?
I am self taught.

Would this bag fit in with your current collection and why?
Yes, I always try and stay true to what I'm comfortable with and when I design, whether for myself or others - it is still cohesive.

What are the price-points of your current line?

What materials do you normally work with?
Leather and exotics

Where are your bags currently sold?

What can you offer to the Isabella Fiore aesthetic?
A different point of view, staying within the guidelines - if that makes sense.

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