Andrea HurtadonRodriguez - INGOTH

Finalist of the The Singer BurdaStyle Best Handmade Handbag


2011 Finalist Andrea HurtadonRodriguez INGOTH

Andrea HurtadonRodriguez FINALIST'S PROFILE

How are your bags made? (e.g. hand-sewn, knit, crocheted, sewing machine, etc.)
They are hand-made, hand-sewn with the interior done by sewing machine.

What is the primary material used?
100% cowhide leather

Do you make all of your own bags?
Yes, we do.

If not, please explain who helps you make your bags.
Me and my partner.

What is your design inspiration?
My inspiration involves the beauty and strength of horses and horse riding along with the adventure of traveling

Where and how did you learn to make bags?
By my work experience in a leather manufacture in Bogota, Colombia

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