Ana Maria Plata - Leonor

Finalist of the Artisan House Award by Isabella Fiore


2011 Finalist Ana Maria Plata Leonor


What is your inspiration for this sketch?
My inspiration is a hippie chic style, using natural elements and Colombian textiles to give it a bohemian look.

Why did you select the particular materials to work within your sketch?
I love the mola fabrics because they are unique pieces of art made by the Kuna Indians of Colombia. I paired them with the black suede to give it a relaxed and soft look, as an accent for the handle and the closure of the bag I would like to use taguas, which are natural seeds from a palm that are sanded and dyed in different colors. These are usually used in jewelry and I want to use them to give it an extra pop of color and texture to the handbag.

What is your design background?
I am an Industrial designer, I worked for 8 years designing furniture, lighting and home accessories and I have been designing handbags for 3 years. I love to paint murals as well and have a cupcake company that is based on very detail oriented designs.

Would this bag fit in with your current collection and why?
Yes, it would fit in my collection because uses the same type of materials that we carry and has a style that appeals to our customers, it also introduces a new element that we haven't used yet (the tagua seeds) and can be very innovative in the market.

What are the price-points of your current line?
$100 - $400

What materials do you normally work with?
Leathers, suedes, fabric (cotton), all around our star material that is the Mola fabrics. These are intricate designs of layered fabrics hand sawn by the Kuna women indians from Colombia and Panama.

Where are your bags currently sold?
2 Boutiques in Fort Worth Texas, 2 boutiques in San Antonio TX, some contacts in Colorado and Bogota

What can you offer to the Isabella Fiore aesthetic?
I love the bohemian chic look that the brand has, and I think I can bring lots of creative ideas using very special details and combination of fabrics, textures and materials that are unexpected and whimsical making each piece unique. I love to experiment with new shapes and come up with innovative styles.

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