Adrienne Rabelo - Adrienne Rabelo

Finalist of the The Timberland Best Green Handbag


2011 Finalist Adrienne Rabelo Adrienne Rabelo


What is your bag made out of?
The bag is made of reusable material of magazines' colored pages.

What made you decide to create a "Green Bag"?
I'm always researching industrial and urban waste to the best processing, adding value through exchanges of unusual materials.

Where do you source your materials?
In celebrity magazines, whose pages are very colorful.

Where are bags sold?
In stores in Brazil and online.

What is your design inspiration?
The creation of the handbags takes into account the concept of deconstruction and fragment to achieve the building, where the end becomes the beginning, and the circle stands for the systemic fusion of the beginning and the end, and also the philosophical representation of the soul, the self, the planet, the whole, the embryo and the recycling. Patience and careful processing of materials in combinations of colors and textures create innovative and intelligible shapes and a handbag of timeless value. The handbag is based on the reuse of scraps of leather, cut into circles of several sizes, whose circles rediscover cultural values through the works of Gaudiâ??Ã?ôs Mosaic.

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