Lui Antinous - Lui Antinous

Finalist of the Most Innovative handbag inspired by mark. by Avon

United States

2010 Finalist Lui Antinous Lui Antinous


What is your design background?
I see design as a form of creation and expression which has given me the ability to share my vision in multiple ways. I value design the most when it is able to carry both artistry and function, it gives hope that we as humans still have that drive to see something that will make us react with both our mind and spirit.

Have you worked with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS before?
Their silhouette and the fact that the structure they posses can not only be adapted to just handbags but to other forms of design such as, architecture, sculpture, furniture, car design, etc. It really gives another dimension to fashion.

Would this bag fit in with your current collection and why?
By taking a risk and doing something innovative and out of the box, i like the fact that their products look fresh and for all generations.

What are the price-points of your current line?
$350 - $3,200

What is the inspiration for this sketch?
Various types of Armor, shells and conceptual designs from the 40s and 50's, I also find that post war design has wonderful function and style, they kept some of the elements from the Aesthetic movement from the turn of the century and combined it with the vital practicality of a country at war.

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